I started the company in 2007 and have loved to see it grow. Crafting began as a passion for me and has become my lifestyle. I oversee all aspects of the business and really love implementing new ideas and projects. My favourite craft is Mixed Media; I've been to workshops up and down the country, really what could be better than an afternoon spent with paint! 
My favourite day to work is Friday, we always have a lovely group of crafty ladies and usually teach jewellery after lunch! I love all those sparkles! 
Meet Victoria  
Being my big sister, Belinda has always been a massive inspiration to me but seeing her start her own business from nothing was incredible. I remember the days when we would sit in her bedroom at Mum's house bagging sequins, sorting beads and designing cards and jewellery for her to sell whilst chatting and snacking like all sisters do. From there I've watched the business grow a lot, from opening our first shop, employing staff, launching our own website and online shop plus offering activities and events across Hampshire. Throughout school and college Belinda supported me and I would help run parties and man events.  
At this point it was time for me to decide what on earth I would do with my future. Well what better opportunity than to join the team at BellaCrafts as a full time member. In my role I plan the activities, workshops, events as well as choosing all the latest products.  
My favourite crafts are jewellery making and sewing, though ask anyone, everything I make ends up purple!  
I love working on Wednesday evenings when we are open until 9pm. There is such a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and I love teaching sewing and jewellery in these evenings when we can feel all cosy in our beautiful barn, sipping tea & crafting with like minded people.  
Meet Serena 
I am the newest member of the BellaCrafts team, joining as supervisor in August 2016. When I saw the position advertised on Facebook, I just knew I had to apply for my perfect job! 
I love all that BellaCrafts offers, from providing crafting activities and workshops to suit all ages and abilities in our beautiful barn to spreading our love of crafting at eternal events. Our small, friendly team are so passionate about working at the centre and always go that extra mile to provide a truly unique experience. 
I started crafting from a young age, selling at local craft fairs. I have definitely passed my love of crafts onto my two children who can’t wait to get my craft boxes out and to try something new! My favourite craft is card making, incorporating wire and beads. This has led me onto jewellery making in more recent years. I loved joining the jewellery making course at BellaCrafts a couple of years ago! 
So far my favourite day to work is Tuesdays because we start the day with a team meeting. This is great planning session to get us focused and inspired for the week ahead! 
Meet Harriet 
I joined the BellaCrafts team in February 2014 after having my little boy , who now at 3 years old has been one of our most enthusiastic customers! 
What I love about BellaCrafts is the range of activities we offer, from parties, workshops and attending events - the job is different each day and it's really rewarding to see people learning new skills and honing existing ones. I love teaching workshops and sharing the skills I learnt studying Textiles at Uni; I especially enjoy my Monday Sewing and Textiles after School group I run - I've met some real little characters with some amazing talents - for chatting 
and sewing! 
As Activities and Marketing Co-ordinator I look after most aspects of advertising and design for the business and have loved watching it grow and being part of such an enthusiastic and dedicated team. It's a dream job! 
Meet Sarah  
I joined BellaCrafts in November 2016 and went full steam ahead into Christmas! I have always loved creating things and making a mess in the process! Growing up, we always used to stock up on craft stuff before the summer holidays and we would spend the days painting plaster of paris, making necklaces or building castles out of hundreds of cardboard boxes...complete with curtains and wallpaper, of course! Now I have a family of my own and love to get the paints out at home, or pop in to BellaCrafts to one of the preschool sessions with my son. I love hosting the birthday parties here, all the children are so excited. Knowing that I’m teaching them something is a great feeling...If that’s not job satisfaction, then I don’t know what is! 
When I’m not at work, I can be found out and about, entertaining my 4 year old son, Charlie. He loves the drums (help!) so he often asks to go to a music shop or watch videos of drums on the internet. He also loves trains, so we go and sit at the station for a bit of train spotting! I’m still at the stage where his hobbies are my hobbies, but it’s always great to know that I can come to BellaCrafts for a bit of ‘me time’ every now and again, to take me back to my childhood love of arts and crafts. 
Meet Jasmine 
I joined the BellaCrafts team in September 2015... The timing was perfect, my daughter (an ex Bella Doodles regular) was settled into school and the team had an opening for someone with crochet and knitting skills! I couldn't believe my luck! I absolutely love teaching people who enjoy working with wool as much as I do, it's such a satisfying and enjoyable medium. That coupled with being the Children's Activities Coordinator for the Centre means that everyday I love coming to work! Since joining the team, I've also become slightly addicted to jewellery making, growing my sewing skills further and resurrecting my skills from my days at Art college! 
I think Tuesdays would have to be my favourite day to work as that's when our, 'Yarn in the Barn' group runs. A relaxed knit (crochet) and natter group to pop along to, share ideas, troubleshoot problems and meet other people sharing my passion! But, a close second to this would also be days when we have Children's parties and clubs... It's wonderful seeing a group of children working on a project you've created for them, learning, laughing and making something they're really proud to take home