It's a Tuesday morning in October (already?!), half term is just around the corner, Christmas is looming in the not too distant future. If you're anything like us at BellaCrafts, then you've been busy filling up your Autumn calendar and rushing round keeping on top of work, family, social life, chores etc.... But when was the last time you stopped and thought about YOU? 
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The leaves are beginning to turn, the air is beginning to cool, Autumn is nearly here… hooray! 
Autumn is one of our favourite months, just so much crafting inspiration to admire! 
We have a simple bunting make to decorate your home this Season.You will simply need, coloured card, yarn, a leaf and Ink Pads. 
Taken from the poem 'Chelsea Flower Show' by Ernestine Northover 
Come and see the flowers in bloom, 
Heavenly scents to fill a room, 
Elaborate blossoms, in every hue, 
Looking up, the sun to view, 
Summer's here, and what a show, 
Endless varieties for you to grow.... 
Hermoine here, part time BellaCrafter and full time Mummy, just starting the school summer holidays…! For us parents, the summer holidays can be viewed with some trepidation, what are we to fill our days with?! No need to panic, we are on standby to lend a helping hand! On those long summer evenings, with the small humans in bed, why not check out our Pinterest board, full of crafty inspiration to keep minds and bodies occupied! 
Summer seems to just lift everyone’s spirit, it is the time for infinite fun and holidays to sunny destinations! Even better, if our current heatwave continues, we may not even have to travel very far! 
One of our favourite things here at BellaCrafts (aside from seeing you lovely lot in The Barn) is the number of events and festivals we are invited to attend over the summer months. We will certainly be clocking up the miles!! Here are just a few of the events we will be attending…..brace yourself: 
It is prime time to be allowing your potted plants to flourish. We have an extremely cute craft to get your growing garden in order! Simple, yet so effective create mini garden labels to label your plants and keep your garden in order! 
All you need is a packet of lolly sticks, Uhu Glue and some paints! 
Crafty, cute and kitsch, we love! 
Hermoine here, part time BellaCrafter, full time Mummy and seasonal gardener. So, I don’t want to put a hex on the season but I do believe summer is here!! (Please don’t email with complaints when it starts to rain, haha). There are so many things to enjoy at this time of year, the days are longer and feel like a warm hug and nature seems to just explode around us in beautiful blooms and luscious greens, it’s no wonder we all then turn our attention to the outside spaces and fulfil our title of being a nation of gardeners. 
Hi, I'm Hermoine from the BellaCrafts Team, and I'm so glad Spring is in our steps! Welcome back Spring, dear friend, how nice it is to see you again!! Taken from the beautiful poem ‘Spring’ by William Blake... 
‘Little boy, Full of joy; 
Little girl, Sweet and small; 
Cock does crow, So do you; 
Merry voice, Infant noise; 
Merrily, merrily, to welcome in the year' 
It’s March. Spring is on its way! Or at least we think it is? Okay it has been mostly snowing and FREEZING cold, but we can’t help but dream about Spring. Spring is a crafter’s heaven, the pastel colours, the Easter décor, the desire for fresh starts and new craft adventures! As a team we all have notebooks jam packed with workshop ideas and our own personal craft makes to do lists. The word Spring just makes so many delightful arts and crafts opportunities ‘spring’ to mind! 
Wow. What a weekend we just loved hosting our open bridal days. So much joy and excitement to be shared! We met some lovely brides and were inspired by their colour choices and themes! 
The whole team were in Friday, including our newest recruit Hermoine. We loved every second of setting up our displays and even got our noses into some bridal magazines, doing some very serious research..... not at all getting side tracked by dresses, photo shoots and venues! Wow. What a weekend we just loved hosting our open bridal days. So much joy and excitement to be shared! We met some lovely brides and were inspired by their colour choices and themes! 
There's just 5 days until Halloween so to help count you down, here are five spooky lantern ideas to get you and the kids into the seasonal spirit! We have some amazing lanterns in store available in both white or orange which are just what you need (trust us) as a fun seasonal activity, they make perfect home décor if you are planning THAT Halloween party too or just a lovely family get together over half term! 
We have used five different techniques to use the product to its full crafty potential. Flexible, affordable and fun that’s us at BellaCrafts! 
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