There's just 5 days until Halloween so to help count you down, here are five spooky lantern ideas to get you and the kids into the seasonal spirit! We have some amazing lanterns in store available in both white or orange which are just what you need (trust us) as a fun seasonal activity, they make perfect home décor if you are planning THAT Halloween party too or just a lovely family get together over half term! 
We have used five different techniques to use the product to its full crafty potential. Flexible, affordable and fun that’s us at BellaCrafts! 
1. Glittery Scenes! 
What you will need: 
Lantern, sharpie, lots of glitter (we mean it) and tacky glue. 
1. This is one of the simplest techniques; outline your silhouettes using the tacky glue fine precision nozzle. we chose to do the moon and tree silhouette. Please use our designs as guidance, you could create any spooky silhouette you desire! 
2. Apply pressure to the tacky glue tube to pipe glue into the outlined silhouette. 
3. Simply sprinkle glitter onto the tacky glue shapes, ensure to keep the lantern as level as possible to avoid the weight of the glue moving and leaking, distorting your desired silhouette. 
4. Ensure you cover the glue with plenty of glitter and tap off the excess. As the glue dries you will find the glitter will soak into your silhouette nicely and with the excess shaken off will leave a neatly glittered silhouette and super sparkly spooky scene! 
5. Use a sharpie to add any writing you may want. 
2. Hand Painted Designs 
What you will need: 
Lantern, acrylic paint set and a paintbrush. 
1. The lantern base can be tricky to sketch onto, so if you are feeling brave (go on you can do it!) use acrylic paints to free hand paint a design onto your lantern. 
2. We chose to make a frightening pumpkin design! We blended warm rich oranges and golds, with darker undertones such as green and black to add detail and make the pumpkin lantern come to life! 
Top tip for making this lantern make sure you allow the paint you have painted to dry before adding finer details, such as the pumpkins face! This will make it much neater in terms of appearance and easier to work on! 
We chose to cover our entire lantern however you could paint simply an edge or just the middle part! 
3. Spooky Silhouettes 
What you will need: 
Lantern, Black card, scissors, double sided tape. 
1. Cut out your desired silhouettes from black card, ensure detail is minimal, stick to a basic outline of a shape! We chose to do ghosts! 
2. Top tip any minute details will become lost once placing inside the lantern! Simple is best for this one! 
3.We also recommend using the white lanterns as these appear to be slightly sheerer than our orange ones and will look most effective. 
4.Use double sided tape to attach the silhouettes to the inside of the lantern- as simple as this! 
5. Your lantern will cast spooky shadows when lit and there you have it! 
4. Ghouls and Ghosts 
What you will need: Lantern, white tissue paper, double sided tape and googly eyes. 
1.Using some white tissue paper cut it into strips and lay the strips over the lantern. We found using slightly longer strips to hang past the length of the lanterns was the most visually successful in creating a moving ghost shape when the lantern hung! 
2. Attach the strips with the tape at the top of the inner lantern. 
3. Add crazy creepy googly eyes to finalise the design (this is bound to prove popular with the children!) 
Spooky effective! 
5. Bat Attack Lantern 
What you will need: Black card, sharp scissors and double sided tape. 
1.Choose your Halloween animal, we selected bats as we love the shape of them! 
2.Use pencil to sketch your design onto card – or use an online template if you prefer to cut out the desired shape! 
3.Ensure you cut as neatly as possible to create a defined shape. (Sharp scissors are essential to ensure detail) 
4.Bend in half the silhouettes and attach double sided tape to the middle of the back of the shape. This will allow the silhouettes to be attached to the lantern in a 3d manor, which is particularly eye catching. 
5. Apply the double sided tape along the fold and stick your creepy crawlies all over your lantern. 
SO simple but so effective we adore these Halloween lanterns and cannot wait to have them hanging up in our homes! Happy Halloween everyone and remember all the materials used can be found in our craft shop at the Barn! 
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