Taken from the poem ‘Mother’ 
You filled my days with rainbow lights, 
Fairytales and sweet dream nights, 
A kiss to wipe away my tears, 
Gingerbread to ease my fears. 
You gave the gift of life to me 
And then in love, you set me free. 
I thank you for your tender care, 
For deep warm hugs and being there. 
I hope that when you think of me 
A part of you 
You’ll always see. 
Hello everyone! So, it looks like Spring is on its way… slowly! But at least the flowers are starting to burst into colour. Spring is our absolute favourite. It brings nature back to life; colours slowly start replacing the dull grey /brown hues of winter, the air starts to feel warmer and the days begin to lengthen and we actually feel like we’re coming out of hibernation (and a long love affair with our pj’s). These things in turn give us that little bit more energy and spark of creativity, that urge to make and do! 
A transitional season, Spring can also be symbolic of starting new projects and we have a lovely one to share with you this month which ties in very nicely with Mother’s Day, which falls on 31st March this year. The craft we would like to share with you are these beautiful paper blooms! 
2. Take your square and fold it in half diagonally to leave with a triangle 
4. Fold the two triangles sitting on top of the square in half, folding them back on themselves, towards the edges of the square 
6. Fold the top half of your kite shape down in line with the back square piece. 
Repeat with the other kite shaped piece 
7. Fold the kite shapes in half length ways to form the original square shape you started with, though this time there will more layers filling the bottom section of the square 
1.Begin with an A4 sheet of paper or light weight card, it can be plain or patterned and will work perfectly with one sided paper. Lay your paper horizontally and measure 21cm. Trim off the excess to leave you with a square 
3. Take the two furthest points and fold them in to meet the point at the top of the triangle. This will leave you with a square 
5.Open out the two pieces you have just folded in and flatten it to form two new folds. 
This will leave you with your back piece and two kite shapes sitting on top 
8. Bring the two kite shapes round to meet each other. Use either glue or double sided tape to hold together. This forms the first petal. 
9. Repeat steps 1-8 4 or 5 times and glue all petals together around a central skewer. You can experiment with different sizes and patterns, map pages and book pages are some of our favourites. You can also add embellishments such as beads and buttons (for that extra sparkle). 
Your posy can then be tied with a ribbon of choice or popper into a decorated vase or jar. Hermoine is planning on making a decorated jar by painting with chalk paint and then decopatching with flowers and lace for her Mum (but may also be making one for herself because they are so lovely). 
If you have any further questions about these please do not hesitate to contact us, we are available 7 days a week for your crafty needs and advice. 
We also have something else to spoil your Mum with this coming Mothering Sunday (and you)...  
Mother’s Day Crafternoon Tea’s! 
Of course, it may be Mothering Sunday but it’s not all about the Mum’s. It is day to celebrate all of those special people who we consider to be a parent or guardian, be it Father’s, Aunties and Uncle’s, Granny’s, Grandad’s, Foster Parent, Sister, Brother, whoever you are, we thank you all! 
Yes, its crafting, with a yummy afternoon tea. We will be making and moulding beautiful bath bombs which will be made with 100% natural ingredients and are citric acid free. Add organic rosemary and rose petals, plus choose scents from our collection of essential oils. So not only will you be smelling like roses, you will be full of cake too! The crafternoon tea’s will be running on Sunday 31st March at 11 - 12:30noon and 1 - 2:30pm £20pp. To book your place or for further details, please follow the link above.  
We hope to see you! 
We hope we’ve inspired you a little, ignited a little ‘spring’ in your creative step. We love seeing your creations as well so please feel free to share your makes with us on our Facebook or Instagram page, it inspires us too! 
Until next time BellaCrafts friends xxx 
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